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ABRA Workforce Connections

Web-based self-service and benefits enrollment modules so you can choose the solution that's right for your company

Connecting with employees has never been easier! Abra Workforce Connections uses the latest Microsoft .NET technology to connect employees, supervisors, managers and administrators via the Internet and intranet with automated online HR and payroll workflows. Plus, its modular, flexible design allows each company to choose a solution that fits its specific needs and budget. The result is that manual business processes, tedious data entry, and disconnected departments are a thing of the past.

  • Improve efficiency and productivity by allowing employees and managers to easily and quickly complete routine inquiries and requests directly online
  • Streamline approval and notification processes with superior workflow capabilities
  • Reduce costly errors by having employees enter benefits elections and personal data directly, improving accuracy
  • Reduce routine inquiries, paperwork and data entry, freeing up valuable staff time to address more strategic organizational issues

With seamless integration to the industry-leading Abra Suite database and superior workflow automation, Abra Workforce Connections gives you Microsoft .NET technology in a cost-effective package that allows you to tailor a solution to your company's needs.

Abra ESS (Employee Self-Service) and Abra Benefits Enrollment

Choose the solution that's right for your company with the flexibility of two integrated web-based modules that can be installed separately or together - Abra ESS and Abra Benefits Enrollment. (PDF File)

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